May 24, 2018


Why Consider a CoSN Membership?

As an institutional member, you become part of a global network of Educational Technology Leaders.

This membership allows you to:

  • Participate in face-to-face networking opportunities at various events, such as the annual CoSN Conference, state-level CTO Clinics, and CTO forums at ISTE.
  • Access EdTechNext reports on groundbreaking technologies, as well as detailed reports on compliance and changes in federal law.
  • Receive valuable, timely, and essential information through the bi-monthly Member Bulletin, the monthly Washington Update, and the annual Compendium.
  • Attend webinars on current and important issues, such as emerging trends in K-12, technology and dropout prevention, dealing with the third wave challenges, and many more.
  • Access to essential and exclusive resources, available to CoSn members only at the Members area.
  • The membership also provides those same benefits to others within your school or district simply by adding Affiliates to your Institutional Membership

For a complete list of benefits, services, and publications available for members only, visit

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