May 24, 2018

Press Release

Press Release- Georgia Educational Technology Consortium and Georgia K12 CTO Council Ink Collaborative Agreement

May 2, 2013, Atlanta Georgia

The Board of Directors for the Georgia Educational Technology Consortium, Inc, parent organization of the Georgia Educational Technology Conference, and the Georgia K12 CTO Council , Inc, parent organization of the Georgia CTO Clinic, announced today a collaborative venture  to expand the offerings of both organizations to benefit educational technology efforts in Georgia. This year’s GaETC® will feature an enhanced leadership strand provided in cooperation with the Georgia CoSN Chapter.

The Georgia Educational Technology Consortium has a long-standing vision of advancing education through technology, and works to accomplish that vision through Innovation Grants, the Georgia State Technology Fair, and the Georgia Educational Technology Conference (GaETC®).  GaETC®, the premier state technology conference, held for over a quarter of a century, brings teachers, media specialists, technology specialists and leaders together for four exciting days each year to network, share and learn ways to transform education through technology.

The Georgia K12 CTO Council, established in 2007 as a state chapter of the Consortium of School Networking (CoSN), is the premier professional association for educational technology leadership in the state.  With the mission of empowering educational leaders to leverage technology to realize engaging learning environments, the organization is a unique blend of district and school leaders, policy and decision makers, and public and private businesses.  The statewide CTO Clinic brings together district technology leaders, building and district administrators, and district and state school board members for exceptional professional development related to all aspects of educational technology and technology leadership.

“Collaboratively merging the offerings of these two events is a win-win solution for both organizations, and will materially benefit the offerings of the GaETC® for all participants,” said Hoke Wilcox, GAETC® Conference Chair and board member.  With this additional offering, GaETC® will provide the  opportunity for school district teams including district and building administrators and board members to classroom teachers, media and technology specialists to all gather and focus on all of the essential skills for leaders  to include vision, planning, and management of business, communications, data, instructional and information technologies. Both GaETC® and the CTO Council recognize systemic transformation won’t occur without strong organizations, leadership and vision.  This collaboration is the first step in providing a framework where everyone involved in the application of technology for teaching, learning and leading can actively participate in the conference.